Tool Products

Scribing Wheel

Mitsuboshi Diamond Industry’s scribing wheel is available in several varieties tailored to fit your glass cutting applications, including standard super hard materials, but also diamond sintered materials.
Our line of all-purpose products maintains the sharp cut you can count on.





To provide almost culletless and long life

To achieve low load scribe and deep penetration cutting wheel.

  1. Remarkably reduction of cullet (approx. 80% down*)
  2. High edge strength (approx. 27% UP*)
  3. Long life (approx. 200-500%UP*)

* Comparison with conventional products.
* Subject to change by scribe conditions.


Penett® / Micro Penett®


Penett®/Micro Penett®

By penetrating vertical cracks deeper than ever before, we have simplified our breakless cutting system.


4-point Bending Test(0.7mmt Glass)



This scribing wheel was developed based on a traditional blade, adapted to changes in glass material qualities, and is capable of not only cross and inside scribing, but also achieving high screen strength.


The mass production perspective (yield rate)

  1. Does not cause detachment from the cut line when it gets lodged on the glass edge. Does not detach at crossings.
  2. Process Window (scribe load area) is broad.

The quality perspective

  1. Glass edge is strong after glass fracturing.
  2. Can cut interiors.

The work efficiency perspective

  1. Can make a clean cut with one blade, regardless of the properties of the glass.
  2. Scribing wheel life-span stabilization.

Accessories: Axle (pin)

In order to stabilize the scribe, you can choose from 1 of 3 types: polycrystalline diamond, e-coat, and super hard material.


The blade and holder are integrated, greatly reducing blade replacement time.
Specifications are printed with a laser marker, making identification management easier.


Solidbow is a tool primarily designed for cutting the resin on the substrate surface of touch panels.
Because the Solidbow shares its shapes with the Mrcs ®, it can easily be fitted on MDI equipment with a Mrcs ® holder joint.

・Origin of the name
SOLID (hard) BOW (head of a ship)

・Cutting method
Not intended for shaving off film.

・Holder Shape
The Solidbow is a Mrcs® (“marcs”) magnet type. It can be fitted on to MDI equipment.


A holder for properly maintaining the cutter wheel.
Made with materials and sizes suitable for standard cutting edges.

Glass Cutter

Our high glass cutters with high quality cutting wheels and other hand tools are an easy to use, highly durable line of products resulting from tireless product development.

Our glass cutter holders use the “uniflow system” which only discharges oil when cutting. We promise a magnificently clean cut with this product.

Glass Cutter Lineup (ex)

* In addition, we also have lineups prepared besides those listed above, including A type.
Please inquire for details.

TEL: +81-72-648-5000 or go to Contact Form



Linear Cutter/Circle Cutter

Small design that doesn’t take up space
Suitable for use in the laboratory
Adaptable for different substrate types and thicknesses
Scribes steadily with fixed pressure

Circle Cutter (round cutting)


Linear Cutter (long type)



Model Angle of Inclination
32800100 10°
32800300 15°


LP Trigger

The LP Trigger is a new tool developed to get triggers into reinforced glass.
With our new tool, the trigger can enter reinforced glass which normally hampers insertion of the blade.

LP Trigger Specifications

Trigger tool for reinforced glass laser scribing

Rust-safe product
10° angle of inclination (standard issue) *5° and 15° also available


MDI Logo, Stock Number, Serial #
Cutting Direction Indicator

Retaining Bracket


Fixes swing mechanism for cutting edge trigger
Trigger stabilization supported
Use the same scribe head for combined use of cutting edge triggers and LP triggers
Supports standard scribe heads