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MDI Processing Technologies

Providing an optimum processing method

We offer customers high-quality process solutions that are best suited to their application. With development capabilities in three areas – development of processes, development of tools required for processing, and development of machines in which they function appropriately – we contribute to the maximization of the performance of customers’ products.

Process development

We develop processes for processing customer panels under optimal conditions. We choose either mechanical processing or laser processing according to the panel material and the required quality level, in consultation with the customers. Then, our specialists for each process shall carry out the best suited condition setting. Not only with individual knowledge or know-how but also in reference to the simulation, which is based on the theorization of process conditions, better process conditions can be developed in a short period of time.

In-house machines are utilized for the development, and the processing results are observed by using internal facilities such as electronic microscopes. Sample processing is carried out internally without taking out the deposited panel outside the company. We handle panels whose details are highly confidential with fastidious care.


Development of mechanical tools

Tools for mechanical scribing are made of a diamond-type material. We carry out activities right from the search of diamond materials, each of which has different characteristics, up to the development of processing technologies for them. We conduct research on materials with characteristics that are suitable for processing the ever evolving brittle materials used for workpieces, and study the best possible shape for processing.

Since all the processes, from development to manufacture (Iida Plant), are carried out in-house, we also perform experiments on prototypes in accordance with the panels. Development of the best tools for panel processing allows high-quality processing.


Machine development

In principle, the machines developed by MDI are designed and built to order. We provide machines tailored for the conditions and production lines of customers’ factories.

We manufacture machines that can accurately reproduce the developed process conditions and can provide 100% performance to the processing tools, with the addition of various requirements by customers. The machines are manufactured based on the fabless system; however, conceptual designing of the machines is carried out by our own designer.
The machines manufactured by our supplier (our partner company) are installed in the customer’s factory after inspection under the leadership of our engineers, in cooperation with the supplier (machine manufacturer).