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Cutting our way towards the world’s future through innovation


MDI is an equipment manufacturer that provides scribing, breaking, drilling, patterning, and other processing methods with original cutting tools and laser systems, as well as automatic equipment that enables high productivity.

We use our (patented) quality cutting technologies, developed since our founding in 1935, for various types of glass. We provide our customers with processing equipment and tools compatible with all kinds of hard and brittle materials, as well as multi-layered structures including metal and organic materials.


Corporate Profile

Company Name Mitsuboshi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.
Establishment October 1st, 1935
Representative CEO Yoshiaki Tanibata
Capital Stock ¥41,500,000
Number of employees 731/consolidated base December, 2019
Sales ¥15,400million/consolidated base December, 2019
Head Office 32-12 Koroen Settsu, Osaka 566-0034, Japan
Contacts TEL: +81-72-648-5000 / FAX: +81-72-648-5201
Business Interests Broad application of cutting process for electronic parts (*), equipment for patterning, processing tools (cutting edges, etc.), laser light sources, development, manufacture, sales of optical systems, sales of security camera systems.
Technological development for superheated steam processes, and the development, manufacture and sales of related equipment.
*Glass, sapphire, ceramic, and semiconductor substrates for FPDs (flat panel display), solar cells, LED, and CMOS image sensors.