Corporate Philosophy

Motto "Facing the Future with Open Eyes"

From our foundation in 1935 until today, we have been providing state-of-the-art technologies in each age while staying close to our customers.
We will continue our contribution to the society with our cutting technologies.


The mission at MDI is to retain our value to society, our markets, our customers, our clients, our stakeholders, and our employees in the long term.

For this reason, and according our motto “Facing the Future with Open Eyes”, all employees act as one entity to examine current conditions conscientiously, to draft and implement sustainable policies for our future, and to maintain our company’s values to earn the appreciation of our customers. And as a result of these efforts, we aim to be a company that provides sound and stable livelihoods to our employees and their families.

Management Goals

  • Contribute to the prosperity of our customers
  • Respect creativity
  • Act exemplary
  • Strive for self-improvement
  • “Only good things should be put out”


Citizen of the World

We honor our own culture, respect other cultures, and strive to be honest, responsible citizens of the world.


We open new ways and possibilities for the future, act on our own initiative, and become even more creative business partners.

Practice Comes First

We focus on practicing first to further develop our knowledge and keep making new discoveries while expanding our limits.

Disciplined Daily Business

We consider discipline and sincerity as well as acting as a unified organization to be the foundation for successful daily business practices.

Dynamic and Diverse Workplace

We deepen our mutual trust and understanding as we strive to cultivate each other’s characters, and create a brighter and happier work environment.