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About Us

Message from the President

We started our business in 1935 with the production and distribution of “Mitsuboshi” brand diamond glass cutters. From the very beginning, our aim has been to respond to our customers’ needs to process hard-brittle materials with profound knowledge and innovative technologies. By offering complete solutions from development of machines to after-sales service, we achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The MDI Group continuously generated solutions based on cumulative results of research and development in hard-brittle materials processing, such as glass, FPDs, solar cell panels, and LEDs. Furthermore, we are now pushing forward new businesses in electric power selling and security cameras as well.

In order to stay in business for many more decades, we are keeping our basic approach based on our corporate motto “Facing the Future with Open Eyes” and our management philosophy “We Offer Premium Quality Products and Services” to serve and contribute to our valued customers as their reliable first-call company.

I look forward to your continued support and encouragement.