Since our founding in 1935 as a manufacturer of manual glass cutters, we have evolved and deepened our expertise of dry processing. In addition to simply cutting, we are now specialized in more complex applications such as shape processing and drilling as well.

Furthermore, we offer the optimal technology suitable for your material and application, from mechanical processing to processing by laser.

We provide complete solutions including process (technology), tool and equipment.




Processing Equipment Business:
FPD and Glass Markets

Our customers benefit from the optimum technologies and tools for their application, as we can process all FPD panel glasses, regardless of size, shape and strength.
With our many years of experience, we support the FPD industry around the world.

Processing Equipment Business:
Electronic Parts Market

We are expanding our achievements and technological know-how about glass cutting to the processing of even more diverse materials.
Not only can we cut hard and brittle materials such as sapphire and ceramics, we also offer the best technologies and equipment for cutting multi-layered substrates.
Our high-sped, high-precision, dry processing supports to increase our customers’ productivity.

Processing Equipment Business:
Solar Cell Market

MDI offers a one-stop solution for the CIGS solar manufacturing process and supports all applications including patterning, drilling, and marking.
Customers profit from an increase in productivity by reducing the dead area with our high-speed precision processing and long-lasting tools.
We are expanding the potential for solar cell processing with our achievements and technological strength accomplished in glass processing.

[Cutting Tools]


Tool Business

MDI supplies cutting tools that cut precisely and efficiently, applicable of all materials.
Cutting conditions change considerably for each material depending on the effect of heat treatment and other steps in the manufacturing process.
We offer the best tools based on our solid understanding of these properties.
We execute every step of the process in our domestic company factories, from development all the way up to production.
The forte of our domestic company factory is reliably delivering high quality tools to our customers.

Laser Business

Over many years of pursuing the perfect process, we have accumulated a variety of knowledge and expertise regarding lasers.
We have also continued designing optical engines necessary to optimize our lasers for each and every material.
We meet our customer’s demands for laser processing of any and all materials with our combination of laser engines suitable for each material and uniquely design optical engines, as well as our complete solution for equipment that enables high-speed synchronous control.

[Security Cameras]


Camera Business

In February 2015 we have started the domestic distribution of Dahua (*) products including security cameras. As an authorized dealer in Japan, we deliver products that meet the customers’ needs from the diverse Dahua lineup, along with MDI’s security support system.

※ Dahua (Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd.) is a global brand dealing with video surveillance equipment such as surveillance camera and recorder.