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About Us


Challenging to the future

We have been facing up to sincerity for the market needs every ages, while cherishing the spirit of the founder of “only Good Things should be put out,” and to challenge with our customers.

Our first challenge for the future

(change from tool maker to equipment manufacturers)

We were looking ahead to the new age of automation while increasing our reputation in the industry and challenging equipment manufacturing.

1935 ・Founded as “Mitsuboshi Diamond Tools Factory” in Miyakojima, Osaka
・Launched manufacturing and sales of Mitsuboshi brand diamond glass cutter
1957 ・Changed company name to Mitsuboshi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.
・Launched manufacturing and sales of super-hard wheel glass cutter
1972 ・Established Iida Factory in Nagano (old Iida Factory)
1977 ・Launched the world’s first cutting equipment for LCD substrates

Significant contribution to the expand of domestic LCD TVs

We developed equipment with domestic manufacturers and supported the rapidly expanding industry in the midst of expanding the spread of LCD TVs in Japan country.

1982 ・Developed fully automatic glass cutting equipment and glass scriber for solar batteries
1983 ・Launched Diamond Compact Wheel Chip
・Developed single head automatic precision glass scriber
・Developed automatic glass break machine
1990 ・Launched LCD substrate cutting, polishing, and washing line
1991 ・Developed fully automatic glass insertion/cutting line for plain substrates
1995 ・Launched cutting, polishing, washing line for PDP substrates
1998 ・Launched high penetration cutting edge “Penett ®”
・Developed laser scriber


Challenge for overseas markets

We have expanded our bases mainly in East Asia in order to respond more quickly as production bases change overseas.

2000 ・Established “Taiwan Branch” and opened Bucheon, Korea Service Center
・Launched LCD Substrate and PDP Substrate laser cutting line
2003 ・Launched 6th generation substrate simultaneous cutting line and development of 7th generation substrate simultaneous cutting line
・Established Shanghai Mitsuboshi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. maintenance facility in Shanghai, China
・Established equipment manufacturing and maintenance center “Mitsuboshi Diamond Industrial Co. Korea” in South Korea
2004 ・Acquired CE-Mark (MPX Series)
2005 ・Developed 8th generation substrate simultaneous cutting line
・Purchased Schott AG’s laser cutting business, Established MDI Schott Advanced Processing GmbH in Germany ※ Current: MDI Advanced Processing GmbH
2008 Acquired a 100% share in Astec Corporation, thereby acquiring the company as a subsidiary.
2009 ・Established Taiwan Mitsuboshi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.
・Moved old Iida factory to new location in the same city, reopened as “New Iida Factory”
・Acquired a 100% share in Laser Solutions Co., thereby acquiring the company as a subsidiary.


Challenging laser Processing for best proposal

In addition to cutting edge machining as well as various glass materials and other hard brittle materials and multi-layer foundations, we will continue to develop our technology so that we can process our customers’ materials in the optimal processes by incorporating new laser processing.

2010 ・Completed takeover of Laser Solutions Co.
2012 ・Integrated our 5 offices in Osaka to start operations at 1 head office in Settsu
2013 ・Established MDI-SB Solar Co.
2014 ・Established MDI Suzhou
・Started camera business
・Started laser oscillator development business
2016 ・Started development of patterning device for next-generation solar cell (perovskite)
2017 ・Developed “LPM900 Multi Head”, a device capable of covering glass curve processing and break.
2018 ・ ・achieved shipment of 5000 units in 2018
・Development of the world’s first laser-up and down division equipment